my theory is that the island is some kind of a miniature of the world and an allegory of the story of mankind. People stranded lost on an island they know nothing about,moving to caves, later on creating a community, creating agricultural economy(suns garden), building lodjings (camp), becoming familiar with technology (swan station), getting to understand quantum physics(faraday),creating the hydrogen bomb.. The names of the characters imply the human knowledge about philosophy,literature, economy and so on, also the items , for the most part books imply the same thing. Seems to me, that the selection of these books was made to answer the questions "if you were stranded on an island what are the most important things you would like to have" or "if it were the end of the world, what things would you try to save for the generations to come"

As far as the metaphysics of the series, i can only assume the same thing. We have in one way or another all the religions, and big philosophical question such as free will, fate, consequence of choice, perpetual struggle between good and evil, existence of both good and evil (one cannot exist without the other, yin yang) ,life and death, black and white...

So, the way humankind hasn't answered these questions and never will, the same way the series won't, and it will end up suggesting that the answer is Love...

--Otare 13:59, 16 Απριλίου 2010 (UTC)

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